don't fighth the change, Ben

Thanks for the lightnight rod, Ben! (not sure about Daylight Savings Time though…)

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Am I alone or are you also trying to get used to the “fall back” of losing daylight savings time?!?

Some people consider me intelligent but for the life of me, I  never understood what Ben Franklin was trying to do. I think it has something to do with the rotation of the earth on its axis, burning the midnight oil, the “Farmer’s Almanac,” and Yankee industriousness.

Subjectively, I just feel like I was robbed of my daytime fun at the end of the day. Boo…hiss.  Like, what happened to those wonderful times after work and school when we could still do fun stuff outdoors?  We’re not up tending the fields anyway so why can’t farmers go to work in the dark?  It’s mostly agrobusiness driving John Deere’s anyway, right?

#abolishDST meme, activate and propagate, please!!


PLEASE, if there is someone who can explain DST to me with a picture, then maybe that could spare me about 900 words, right? Send your answers to

In the meantime, check out this video explaining the physiology of the Circadian Rhythm.  Learn why Melatonin syncopates that rhythm and why it’s a bad thing to take nightly…

your internal clock

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