“The Trade Ins” – Classic Twilight Zone episode

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For the inaugural #TheatricalThursday posting, I’m posting this classic episode about an older couple that struggles to buy new bodies but can only afford enough for the husband.  So he trades back. 




In my current anti-aging practice, I always know when a marriage is sound when one spouse, usually the husband, won’t take TA-65 without the other partner.  It seems that the thought of living even a day longer without their mate is onerous and although the other spouse is dubious, she trusts him enough to go along.  But in many cases, the spouse won’t join in.  In those cases, usually after a few years, the skeptical spouse eventually break down and starts taking TA-65 as their hubby gets younger and younger and they feel left behind or don’t like the way their friends always comment on how young he looks.

When I practiced OB-GYN, I could always tell when things were good in a union when partners touched a lot in the office and reported still making love, well into their 7th decades. I would ask them: what is the secret to romantic longevity?  Most of these couples said it wasn’t always easy but they had learned that they didn’t always have to be right, they gave their partners some space, and the tried to never stay angry.  Perhaps some people just are hard-wired for long term relationships because they find the comfort better than the possibility of greater happiness elsewhere. Is that intrinsic or a function of the match?  I don’t know. But I believe that self-love and accumulating wisdom are a big help.


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