What can a hole-in-one teach us?

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Yesterday, after literally not striking a golf ball for a year, I went out and played a round of 18 holes.  I had fun despite scoring 103 (or 31 above par) because the company was excellent and the weather was too.  But what was notable was a hole-in-one on the same hole I scored an ace almost five years earlier.  I was going to talk about odds and statistics, but the word ‘astronomical’ will suffice.


Golf is an interesting game; some devotees would go so far as to say that LIFE is a good metaphor for golf.

I believe there are two fundamentals for an effective golf swing: first would be  balance (or staying centered) because if you are moving too many axes of rotation, it is hard to return the club face to a square position. Secondly, you require is organic flow- in other words, the club has to accelerate and release without excessive ‘guiding’ from the hands.

When I stood over the ball about to send the ball directly into the hole 145 yards away, my only thought was “just do what you did the first time you hit a hold-in-one”.  I had no resistance to this idea and was not aware of the “trying” aspect or the outcome.  So my subconscious took care of it.

This immersion in the moment is part of the teaching of Zen Buddhism which was so ably introduced to the West in the early 20th century by D.T. Suzuki.


In order to live a healthier life, you need to be living in balance and flow; this is the Hawaiian concept of LOKAHI (low-KAH-hee). 

Lokahi balance does not imply equality of positive and negative thoughts and emotions but rather the integration of everything as you flow.  It is a state of living in the moment, and not in the nanoseconds before and after which consist often of regret and anxiety. 


By using adaptogens to clean out your psyche every night and by using self-regulation to remove resistance to balanced flow, I believe you are reducing “friction” in your internal processes and increasing the odds of getting lucky and living more fully and healthily.

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