Dr. Ed Park does a live AMA (ask me anything webinar). Topic covered include targeting by exosomes, spinal injections, and pet telepathy
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Exosomes 32: Ask me Anything (AMA)

Dr. Ed Park does a live webinar answering your questions. Topics covered include how exosomes find their destination, what is intra-spinal versus epidural, and whether pets are telepathic.

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  1. I have read that spike proteins have been found in exosomes (as well as in blood products). People who have not been vaccinated have expressed concerns about receiving exosomes. Have you seen any research on this topic, and what is your view on this issue?

    1. If a donor was given the mRNA, then that would be possible in theory. But the donor from the manufacturer that I use was born before the invention of the spike protein mRNA vaccines. So not possible there. The general vaccinated population (over half of the US) would be expected to express spike protein for up to months if not longer.

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