In this week's archives we find a webinar about shoulder anatomy and damage.....The telomere blog examines a way of remediating premature aging using telomerase....the blog from 4 years ago predicts this week's news to further electrify car transportation
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Archives Week 16 – Sept 10th, 2022

Exosomes Webinar - September 20th, 2020

This webinar explores the basic anatomy of the shoulder and common injuries

Telomere Blog: Sept 24th, 2015

A study showed that a form of premature aging was treatable by adding back telomerase activity

Slice of Life Blog - July 5th, 2018

President Biden just announced plans to expand a nationwide electrical car charging grid. In California, the state that brought you Enron profiteering and rolling blackouts, has outlawed gasoline car sales by 2035 and wants everyone to use electric despite most of that energy coming from coal burning. So I ask…is the electrical future for reducing carbon or increasing control?  See this prescient blog from 2015 asking if we are living in a ghetto or a paradise….

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