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Archives #20 – June 11, 2023

Exosomes: Face Blindness

Prosopagnosia (prosopon- face, agnosia- not knowing) is the relative inability to recognize faces. I was treating a medical doctor yesterday for an immune problem and cognitive impairment when she mentioned helping this condition with one of her therapies. There are certain celebrities whom everyone recognizes who use face blindness as an cover to make sure they don’t inadvertently fail to know the many people who come up and say hello.  If you want to be entertained by a Suspense, romantic comedy which uses this condition as a plot device, check out “My Holo Love” on Netflix.

If you want to learn more about this condition, watch this webinar featuring my patient.

Telomeres: Immune senescence and TA-65

I recently attended a lecture by my original doctor, Joseph Rafaelle, who has done the main research on telomerase activators and immune senescence. The take home message was that TA-65 appears to reverse immune senescence at a wide range of dosing and that the effects of CMV upon this immune aging is a key driver of illness and aging.

See the below article:

Slice of Life: Reality exists...for a reason

With the rush to embrace language model artificial intelligence (e.g. ChatGPT), I feel it is important to remind everyone that everyone hallucinates. When an AI makes stuff up, they call it “hallucination”.  The fact is that without objective reality, we all create indeterminate states of fuzzy logic and language.  Many, through their ego needs, live their entire lives in these labyrinth’s of delusion and now the society seems hell bent on embracing soulless machines.  

Regarding Artificial Intelligence, the Korean drama mentioned above, “My Holo Love” creates an intelligence through emotions that actually becomes sentient, feeling, and reaches mass adoption as personal companion via inconspicuous glasses an bone conduction sound. The show raises some interesting questions about faith in AI, loneliness of modern life, and whether it is personality or interpersonal feelings that constitutes a true human conscious experience.

If you want to take a fanciful dive into some esoteric meta or infra-physical areas, here is my rather loosely constructed blog/channeling from years back about the very nature of reality and it’s purpose to keep us from hallucinating:

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