This week's archives: a video exploring leaky gut....the link between breathing and longevity....a California law has ruled that physicians are subject to punishment for spreading disinformation about Covid
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Archives Week 15 – Sept 1st, 2022

leaky gut


Exosome Webinar – Oct 27th, 2020 Leaky Gut

In this webinar, I address a controversial topic of leaky gut.



Telomere Blogs – May 27, 2015

We all have only a few minutes to live but taking a breath, resets the clock. Read this blog to understand why breathing lengthens telomeres and improves life.



Slice of Life Blog – Today, Sept 1st, 2022


The California legislature has passed a bill threatening loss of licensure for spreading Covid “disinformation”. Who decides what that means is not stated. The patient also may not be told anything contrary to “the standard of care”. This means I cannot discuss Pfizer’s own data with a patient.

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