Here's a great three minute news report about telomeres, and the effects of telomere erosion from Australia's TodayTonight, a popular nightly current affairs program .
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Benjamin Button on TodayTonight

Today Tonight (TV) logo.jpgHere’s a great three minute news that appeared recently on  TodayTonight, a popular nightly Australia based current affairs program. The report uses high quality 3D animated graphics that do a great job of helping the viewer understand telomeres, telomerase and the process of telomere erosion visually. They discuss a study by Elizabeth Blackburn’s colleague, Elissa Epel who found that stress contributed greatly to the shortening of telomeres and the onset of disease.  The study showed that women suffering from chronic stress were scientifically 10 years older than their actual age.  In fact, mothers of young children are a highly stressed group − this stress can tax the very reserves that sustain people.

As I’ve discussed in previous articles and in my video podcasts, aside from taking TA-65, there are natural ways to increase telomerase enzyme production in the body: reduce and manage stress, increase exercise, and improve diet.  To get a better understanding why Telomerase Activation Medicine represents a major paradigm shift for mankind, see my book, Telomere Timebombs.
[tubepress playerLocation=’shadowbox’ video=’L2_SLLmFoWU’ description=’false’ author=’false’ length=’false’ tags=’false’ theme=’youtube’ uploaded=’false’ showRelated=”false” category=’false’ descriptionLimit=’0′] Here’s a link to the original news report.

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