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Black mold can live in your sinuses for decades! (how to diagnose and treat it)

This is Part 2 of our our interview with infectious disease expert and researcher, Dr. Joe Brewer.

He discusses two landmark papers where he shows the high correlation between chronic fatigue and mold infestation and the paper in which they successfully diagnose and treat this condition in the biofilm of the sinuses.

If you know someone with chronic fatigue, then please have them take a look

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  1. Thank you Dr. Park Ed). Your efforts are appericated by me and someone who I hope needs it.

  2. Dr. Park, thanks for posting. Could you please send a follow up with the info on how to get the test and the name of the “spray’ that he says works so well.
    Even without the test many might just run to the drug store and treat the symptoms to speed up the cure. Many have lived with the symptoms without much hope, so trying something else is worth the try. Thanks Bob
    Is Dr. Brewer a TA-65 believer?

    1. Hi, the name of the lab and the pharmacy are in the second video so you can copy them from freezing the playback.

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