We live in interesting times. But it is too bad that the world is so easily manipulated by fear and closed to the notion that we are all on this planet together to coexist. The velocity of money fuels the progress of a few men whilst the world-soul degrades.
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Colonialism, perpetual war, and the banality of oligarchical collectivism

When visiting the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, we were struck by the opulence of the East Asian art collection:

2015-08-18 13.05.43

Equally impressive were the artistic recollections of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia.

2015-08-18 12.37.36


The Dutch East India Company was the world’s first multinational, shareholder company, doing more trade than the rest of Europe combined, and making the Dutch Guilder the world’s reserve currency for quite some time. This company emerged from the Dutch Revolt against Spanish Catholic rule in the lowlands and ruled the seas up until the time of Napoleon, two hundred years later.  Despite having to do some creative bookkeeping in the later years, they managed to return 18% dividends for nearly all those two hundred years.  Having the sole control to trade with Japan through Nagasaki and control of the spice trade through South East Asian corridor had its perks.

What is colonialism and how can we recognize it?  It is actually not a doctrine of “white” or European supremacy. It is just a formal syndicate to make money until the subjugated decide to revolt and, like a baby elephant tied to the tiny stump since birth, take a step away from bondage.

As we consider current events, from the arrest of a Texan boy named Mohamed for bringing a clock to school, to the $39.5 Billion dollars made by Dick Cheney’s company on the Iraq War, it becomes clear that colonialism is an integrated system of coercion, whether it be cultural, religious, military, or through slavery of the body or of workers’ time, in the service of the great and powerful profit, ‘dallah’. It just so happens that the current ‘Barbarians’ at the gates of Imperial America are not Commies or Nazi’s; they are now cast as Muslim (although perhaps inside some Muslims, like Gooks in this Full Metal Jacket clip, there is “American trying to get out”


Make no mistake when you visit the opulent cathedrals of Europe and consider the oligarchs who still maintain control in the post-colonial underdeveloped nations: the name of has always been profits. Colonialism is a game of money and the power that it can project.  Racial, religious, linguistic, and socio-economic division are only the surface accoutrements of the machine.

The truth is that our nation is the world’s arms dealer and that our trade has long been the destabilization and rearming of countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other nation that doesn’t want Russian tech anymore (i.e. everyone). When viewed in that context, the Syrian refugee crisis are merely the seeds we are reaping after years of proxy wars by ourselves and our allies and from years of US bombings in Syria.  Where do the ISIS weapons come from? Made in the US of A, of course.

As Nobel Prize Winner Malals Yousoufzai asked of President Obama: stop arming the world.


Let’s see if we can return to the good and proper business by exporting America’s former cultural imperialism: the idea that the individual has rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are protected by the Republic and that the government derives all its legitimacy from the people. We, the people.  Not we, the corporations.

The band, Guns and Roses, released an album in 2009 called “Chinese Democracy”.  Once upon a time, in 1989, some crazy kids erected a monument to the ideal they believed our nation represented:


The "Goddess of Democracy" stands tall amid a huge crowd of

26 years later, it would be difficult to distinguish qualitatively between Chinese and American Democracy.  Wealth is concentrated in the central party members.  The collectivist state claims the right to monitor and censure any and all citizens’ activities in the name of homeland security.  Markets and currencies are tightly controlled.  And the rights of the individuals are subjugated in the name of the eternal, external, threat.


In George Orwell’s 1984, the Ministry of Truth was responsible for whitewashing history of INSOC according to the needs of the present, for he “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”  The Neo-Bolshovik Eurasia and the Death-worshiping Eastasia took turns dancing and warring with Oceana, the home of the Oligarchical Collectivist INGSOC that represents the Anglo-American alliance.

In a breathtaking lack of imagination, like the current Baby Boomer screenwriters reguri-producing every single movie from their childhood, policy makers seem to have taken Orwell’s 1984 as a Foreign Affairs policy paper instead of a cautionary DYStopian tale. They extol EUtopian rhetoric such as the “Patriot Act” to revoke the Bill of Rights. Am I am overstating my case with regard to group hypnosis?  Consider the American Superbowl Commercial in which Janis Joplin’s satirical “Mercedes Benz” is now being used to sell Mercedes Benz cars and not a single ex-hippie vomited their gluten-free, non-GMO breakfast onto their perforated leather seats of their E350s on the way to their six-figure dream jobs.

One day, Russia is our ally, the next it is our enemy. One day China is our ally, the next, it is our enemy.  One day, Japan is our enemy, now it has revoked its 70-year old pacifist constitution to stand toe-to-toe against China with Uncle Sam?

Who is calling these shots, anyway?  From inviting Chinese soldiers to train on U.S. soil to rumors of war in Yemen and the Levant, perhaps the powers-that-be are preparing for some greater Armageddon production.  Perhaps they have already prepared the technology for simulating alien invasion that will be the big end game alluded to in the alleged Report from Iron Mountain?

2015-08-25 10.16.55 HDR-1

We live in interesting times.  But it is too bad that the world is so easily manipulated by fear and closed to the notion that we are all on this planet together to coexist.  The velocity of money fuels the progress of a few men whilst the world-soul degrades.

I leave you with a current anti-Japanese image on the Berlin wall (perhaps alluding to the rejection of pacifism)

2015-08-30 14.54.42

It translates: “Sons of bitches: stop your lying. We didn’t learn a thing”



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