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Covid “Science” is a religion

Trigger warning: If you are convinced that you know everything you want to know about Covid science, please do not read this blog.

"A girl in a wheelchair rolls into a neurologist's office..."

I heard a disturbing story last year. A mother of a 14-yo called me to say her daughter could no longer walk. They felt the symptoms began after a Covid mRNA vaccine, but the neurologist told them it was a conversion disorder (all in her head). Without doing a lumbar puncture or any imaging, he dismissed them. 

When I heard this story, I informed them that they should seek a second opinion and that, if not for the mention of Covid, such a conclusion would be considered malpractice since a conversion disorder should be a diagnosis of exclusion.

The history of Christianity

What we experienced during the Covid years was an edict, like Constantine the Great, saying that everyone had to be Christian. For nearly a hundred years afterward, various sects developed around rationalizing certain ideas that seemed problematic. Was conception from a goddess or a human? Did Jesus really die on the cross? Notions like these were the cause of dozens of schools of would-be Christianity in the 4th century but eventually, competing Christian writings were expunged. If we fast forward a hundred years, the Catholic church took control of the Roman empire and reigned supreme for a thousand years until the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment



For a thousand years, you were no longer able to question church doctrines but gradually things changed. 



I submit that we are living in an era of Covid religiosity where the edict to believe was passed, most people submitted, and yet the truth about the science and the aftermath of unprecedented public health mandates and coerced mRNA treatments may never be known.


In 2020, I posted nine blogs about Covid as a medical doctor with a master’s in public health. I was roundly canceled by Facebook friends who knew nothing of immunology, public health, microbiology, or normal FDA approval processes. Those blogs were taken down in 2022 when California passed a vague two paragraph “law” of AB2098 stating that “Covid disinformation” was grounds for discipline.



In the last two years, I have received countless requests for help from people who are being medically “gaslighted” like the 14-yo girl who forgot how to walk. 



Just yesterday, I spoke with a 58yo man whose tinnitus and hyperacusis began after a bout of Covid.



Another 46yo patient had hand necrosis from vaccination during a bout of Covid and was told he had autoimmune problems of unknown origin despite not testing for anti-spike antibodies. His condition improved greatly after receiving exosomes in a foreign country.



Another patient was a 47yo with onset of Sjogren’s in 2022.



Another was a 71 yo with mold and bartonella for 13mos causing mast cell activation and sympathetic temperature dysregulation.



Another was a 27yo man with Bell’s Palsy for six months.



They all received Covid vaccines and were exposed to friends and family who also shed the spike proteins.


Follow the money

If you want to find the science, follow the money. Empty hospitals were paid huge bonuses for a diagnosis of “died with Covid”, pediatricians and the American college of ObGYN were compensated for pushing mRNA spike protein vaccines. Clinical “trials” were rushed through and they tried to hide the results for fifty years.

What is the alternative hypothesis?

If you are a believer, then Covid-19 represented a natural and unique threat to civilization that necessitated breaking laws of safety, ethical codes (i.e. Nuremberg Code against medical experimentation), and that front-line heroes who wouldn’t take the vaccines were suddenly enemies of the state.



If you consider the alleged rise in cases of cancer, autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, blood clots, myocarditis, and other Long Covid problems as the righteous cost of protecting society, then you are a true believer, despite the absence of evidence that they stop the spread of the infection. 



The alternative hypothesis, which creates the cognitive dissonance required to dismiss the paralysis of a 14-yo as psychosomatic, is that some people did have problems when their bodies and their immune systems produced and reacted negatively to the spike protein and other contents of the vaccination.



Were sports stars Kyrie Irving and Novak Djocovik villains or heroes to you? How many people do you know who died unexpectedly or came down with a weird autoimmune disease or cancer in the last few years? Would you be willing to take another untested mRNA vaccine for the next pandemic now?



According to MLK’s famous speech, we should aim to judge based on content, not prejudice.


But if a person kills another person, the first thing we often want to know is their races so we can craft a story of systemic racism


If a bomb blows up a child, the first thing we need to know is what side they are on so we can weave a story of moral relativism


And… if you walk into a doctor’s office and tell them your problems started after Covid, you will be evaluated because Covid is a horrible and unique condition and that merely proves they were right to force vaccinations, shut down society, and take the shots themselves.


If you say they started after an mRNA shot, you may be dismissed as a lunatic.


But, if you say they started after Covid and you feel it is related to your previous boosters which gave you trouble, you will again be dismissed as delusional.


I’m saying if you come with the same disease symptoms (fainting, chest pain, blood clots, tinnitus) but present different backstories, you will receive different treatment based on that provider’s beliefs. 


That is religious prejudice; it is not scientific thinking nor good clinical medicine.

When your god is the exception, there is no arguing. What is the point of measuring for anti-spike antibodies or inflammation if you already believe vaccines were safe and effective? 


During the Covid mass formation psychosis, the science was political and the politics became religious. For those who craved safety over the truth, the challenge will again be presented as to which side of history you will be on.


5 thoughts on “Covid “Science” is a religion”

  1. Valerie Edwards

    Thank you for calling the Covid response a religion because it certainly is. My family wouldn’t let me visit because I wasn’t vaccinated. No matter how many articles I tried to show them from respected physicians and researchers, there was no breaking through their beliefs. So many families in my area were devastated due to “sudden death syndrome” of a parent or child. Unfortunately even now, the Covid church and practitioners in my family believe they are right. Thank you Dr. Park, for telling the truth.

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