I got some nice feedback from a practice using Vive. It helped a patient who had suffered an arterial occlusion lesion in her forehead (not pictured)
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Dermal filler accidents

The use of dermal fillers can cause arterial occlusion. If using hyaluronic acid, you can get relief from hyaluronidase but collagen and other fillers cannot be dissolved as easily.

I got some nice feedback from my friend’s practice when they treated a patient who suffered a forehead arterial occlusion from a filler.

She had an area of redness where the filler had been injected but soon after microneedling with Vive exosomes, her skin returned to normal. 

Possibly, the vasculoproliferative effects of MSC exosomes helped!


I had a Zoom call with my 20-yo today and his skin is much better after having received microneedling and exosomes. The ice pick acne scars were not visible on the live chat and the new breakouts were not visible.

To learn more about acne, watch this video:

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  1. This is very good news. Again you are in the forfront of stem cell therapy.
    Bernie Kitts
    How do you feel about NMN supplementation?

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