Apparently rather than deign to try the plunger, someone thought it would be easier to write and print a sign that read "The toilet is broken. We are having a repairman come and fix it ASAP
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Don’t be a yoga toilet!

I am currently writing a book called The Telomere Miracle for Hay House Publishing that explains how to enhance health and longevity. It focuses on things we can do to enhance telomerase activity. The chapters focus on breathing, mindset, sleep, exercise, nutrition, and supplements but in my typically reductionist style, I wish to sum it up on one notion: the yoga toilet.

Last week, I was attending daily yoga classes in Hollywood and I noted that one of the toilets was clogged. The bathrooms are cleaned at least five times daily and so nobody bothered to try a plunger that was next to the apparatus for four continuous days. At least 20 times the designated cleaners cleaned everything except that toilet.

Apparently rather than deign to try the plunger, someone thought it would be better to write and print a sign that read:

“The toilet is broken. We are having a repairman come and fix it ASAP.”

The trouble is no one was called and I”m quite certain no one tried the plunger.because I “repaired” the problem with a single pump (out of curiosity and necessity if you must know).

I could generalize this to impugn the unwillingness or feigned inability of the millennials who trade work for yoga to plunge a toilet. I could talk about human nature and the tendency to avoid unpleasant tasks. But in the final analysis, the parable of the “broken” toilet serves to illustrate a truism about human nature; “we would rather hope that someone else will fix something than learn to unblock our own crap.

The cure to lack of focus and unpleasant mood swings? – Better sleep.

The cure to being too acidic from food? – just breathe out more deeply and the acid goes away. You don’t need to avoid certain foods and drink alkaline water.

The cure to anxiety? – live gratefully in the present and avoid remorse about the past and trepidation about the future.

The cure to indigestion, constipation, overeating, and overly glycemic foods? – just think about what you put into your body and with what quantity and frequency you do it.

In summary, our systems are all designed to flow, flush, move, repair, and rest. Go with the flow and learn to unblock. No repairman at $150 an hour has been called to fix your blockages.

You just printed a metaphorical sign and hung it there so you wouldn’t have to be the one to take care of a problem.

Don’t be like the yoga toilet; you subconsciously know how to become unstuck. Unless the problem is serving some subconscious need, just fix it! Go with the flow and face the problems you face with the basic tech that you already possess: breathing, gratitude, focus, relaxation, exercise, proper nutrition, and humor.

I just got an email from a patient who is “thinking clearer” with no more joint pain at age 50. He has been taking RECHARGE for just three weeks. Did the supplement help? Probably it just helped his current repair systems work better. That’s why the company is called Lokahi Guru. Lokahi is balanced flow; a guru is one who dispels ignorance.

Our bodies are made to expel CO2 in breathing, make phlegm from inhaled particles from our lungs, excrete waste from feces and urine, and repurpose trauma by rationalization and reframing. Don’t stay stuck. Your problems are just a single good pump or mindset shift from going away.

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