Dr. Park is now offering live training in your clinic. Jumpstart your exosome practice today!
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Exosome Preceptorships now offered

I was pleased to help train docs in the use of MSC exosomes in the comfort of their own clinics. In Austin, I treated nine patients (mostly VIP’s) with four doctors watching/participating, and in NYC, we had three docs and another nine patients (mostly friends and family)

It was fun, hands-on, and the staff and patients seemed to enjoy and benefit. We learned IV, nasal, shoulders, hips, knees, and lumbar epidural techniques.

The Offer - CA, TX, FL, NY, HI only

  • First of all, I only use one brand of exosomes and will not train you using a brand that I don’t use on my own family and patients
  • I will bring, or have shipped, all the required exosomes, supplies for treatment, and ultrasound. You will need to be ready with your own size sterile gloves
  • I can train up to three providers at once in the five states where I am licensed. (Medical assistants may observe depending on the situation)
  • Since fee-splitting is not legal and I am only licensed in five states, I will be in contact and obtain consent from the potential patients before agreeing to treat them (CA, TX, FL, NY, HI)
  • You critical staff will have complimentary access to the online training course with its customizable patient forms. I will also leave essential procedure and supplies cheat sheets for your staff. If you complete training, you will also receive lending copies of my book for patients.

The ideal scenario for training

  • A large or multi-practicioner office will likely be trained alone.
  • We can book one or two-day training preceptorships with 9-15 patients per day
  • I would recommend four shoulders, two knee joints, two nasal (for brain health), two hip joints, and one facial rejuvenation. Other areas such as lumbar epidural, intrathecal, sexual health. and various MSK indications (like tendons) are also available.
  • If a client purchases enough exosomes, multiple areas can be treated at no extra cost and IV may also be given. A typical patient may require 12B and receive nasal, shoulder, and knee, for example.
  • Pricing as follows is below market rate:  3B (3 trillion particles) of exosomes will be $1500, 6B = $2500, 9B= $3500, 12B= $4500, 18B (three vials)=$6000
  • To treat one shoulder or knee, 3B or 6B is often sufficient
  • Patients will be pre-charged one week before the training day but the fee is refundable in case of an emergency cancellation

"Sounds good...so what's the cost?"

  • The charge for training is complimentary for course members. I will handle my travel expenses and bring all required supplies and exosomes except for your sterile gloves.
  • Complimentary access to the online provider training course (12-hours of self-directed learning) will be granted to critical members of your team.

What if I buy exosomes?

  • The preceptorship is offered using Kimera Labs exosomes, for whom I am a distributor. You are under no obligation to purchase exosomes through me before or after the training and this preceptorship is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Kimera Labs
  • That said, if you and your colleagues place an order of more than $20k, then a complimentary $4500 minus 85F freezer will be installed into one practice (this is a pre-existing Kimera Labs promotion)
  • Preexisting Kimera accounts can place a one-time order through Recharge Biomedical if they haven’t already received a freezer.

Let's do this!

  • Visit this map to check for constantly updating available for local training days
  • So, you just need to find the 3-5 patients. If you want to partner with one or two local colleagues, I will discreetly introduce you to see if there is synergy. Weekends are possible as well
  • I will have live, complimentary Zoom calls for medical intake and obtain fully informed consent for all the patients before booking the preceptorship date(s) in your clinic. I will charge them one week before the training date. Fee-splitting or payment for patient referrals is not legal.
  • (PRO TIP) If you want to take advantage of the $4500 freezer promotion, you can order a non-refundable minimum $20k exosome order. The freezer will be installed in 2-4 weeks. Delivery or some or all of the exosomes can be deferred for months up until your training date. 
  • Who is this for?  If you are experienced with PRP, MSK, sexual health, or cosmetic procedures, and are already using stem cells or exosomes, then this is an opportunity to expand your scope of practice. If you are unsure about injections and when to use ultrasound, this is also for you
  • Think about friends, family, and trusted patients who are experiencing challenges
  • Patients can go to this YouTube playlist, this webpage on my site, and read or listen to the audiobook to learn more. They can book a free 20-min Zoom consultation at www.rechargebiomedical.com/contact-us

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