God’s Speed, Robin Williams

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Robin Williams’ heart stopped beating 4 days ago but there is no way anyone can tell me he doesn’t live on in all of us.  Just take a look at this clip to understand the depths of his great soul.


Robin Williams in "Good Will Hunting"


Suicide seems like a rational choice only if one is overwhelmed by major depression, sleep disorder, and impulsiveness.  It is brought about by isolation, hopelessness, and a rage directed against the self.

There are many contributing factors towards this downward spiral that can be ameliorated with the use of RECHARGE or TA-65.  The adaptogenic response helps stabilize mood, improve sleep, and reduce obsessiveness.

You can find important information about sleep and depression at my YouTube channel:  “drpark65”

To learn more about the role of addictions and sleep dysfunction in the downward spiral leading to voluntarily ending one’s life, watch this video on addictions:

Podcast 26: Addictions


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Ed Park, MD

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In 2007, I became the nineteenth patient to sign up for the use of a herbally-extracted telomerase activator.

The results were so positive that I founded Recharge Biomedical Clinic in 2008 and have since become the leading medical expert in this exciting new field of regenerative medicine treating over 1,300 patients with this exciting new telomerase activation medicine.

I won two Houston Film Festival Awards for my screenplays about Hypatia of Alexandria and Ed Brown of Kentucky.

In 2010 I wrote and self-published a Sci-Fi Graphic Novel called MAXIMUM LIFESPAN

In 2013, I wrote and published "Telomere Timebombs; Defusing the Terror of Aging"

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  1. After watching that clip of Robin, my face is wet. It’s hard to understand the point at which one would end it all but I must accept that it is possible. I pretend that if I could have sat next to him and held his hand and somehow, magically, been able to help him drain the pain, all would have been well and he’d still be around. His family certainly feels the same way and it must be just horrible on them. The decision was his, it was his life after all. I just hope that those he left behind can get through the pain. They are the ones who matter now.

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