5-years ago today, I released the first of my nine foundational exosome videos. I think they have aged like fine wine!
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Happy birthday to my Foundational Lectures!

Have you ever read a childhood diary or looked at a yearbook quote and cringed?

Well, five years ago today, my first foundational video on exosomes was released on 6/21/2019.

A week earlier, my sons went hiking the Wailea Canyon in Kauai without me, so I decided to be productive and scripted all nine videos while waiting in the bungalow for them to return.

Rather than cringing, I feel they are some of my best work, especially with regard to the music!

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If you want to take a deep dive into exosomes, like binge-watching a good K-Drama, then check out my nine foundational videos that have stood the test of time.

Lecture 1: What are exosomes


Lecture 2: Aging and Exosomes


Lecture 3: Parabiosis and exosomes


Lecture 4: Cancer and Exosomes


Lecture 5: History of Regenerative Medicine


Lecture 6: Are all exosomes the same?


Lecture 7: The FDA


Lecture 8: The Risks of Exosomes


Lecture 9: Dr. Park’s Approach to Exosomes


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