In this political season and on this day honoring women, it is interesting to note that the main differences between the left and right wing are one male versus female.
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Happy women’s day from JHWH’s ex-wife

In this political season and on this day honoring women, it is interesting to note that the main differences between the left and right wing are perhaps best characterized as the differences between stereotypical male versus female viewpoints.

Those that tend towards conservatism favor an authoritarian view- our father, one male god, male dominion over female reproduction and sexuality, superior rights to those endowed with power.  Might makes right.

The female principle is pluralistic, naturalistic, and inclusive, with a consideration to sheltering the weak. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

When viewed through this male/female dichotomy prism, all the seemingly paradoxical “right” versus “left” views on issues makes sense from capital punishment, abortion, gun control, views on racism, and overt rejection of homosexuality.

The male principle is closely identified with a sheep-herding culture, where everyone must obey or be artemis-statuesacrificed, even your own son (Jacob or Jesus will do.)  In contrast, an agricultural view favors a fertility goddess, from which crops are raised and represented by the feminine deities such as Astarte, Ishtar, Inanna, Cybele etc…


The names of ancient peoples, rulers, and dominions have been redacted but what all sources tell us is that there were the Hyksos people, probably the proto-Isrealites, who came from the eastern deserts and became the rulers of lower (closer the Mediterranean Sea) Egypt for hundreds of years from 1500-1000BCE (the New Kingdom).




Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt often had two pharaohs and that is symbolized by the vulture of the South (upper, source of the Nile) and the cobra of the North (lower Nile) is next to the vulture of the South (upper Nile) in King Tut’s image.






Egyptian history from multiple sources confirm that Pharoah Akenaton wanted to simplify the system of many gods into one god, Amon-Ra, which is why our prayers end in ‘Amen.’  It is possible that Akhenaten was a patriarch of the Israelites and possible even Moses.



What is interesting is that after the Akenaton and his Hyksos people departed Egypt, the once and future Israelites who wandered decided to reclaim their ancestral lands from the Philistines and yet did not want to lose connection with their storied history as rulers of half of Egypt.  So they may have reworked the narrative a bit.  But the South of Egypt (upper Egypt) was continuously ruled by those we might now consider ethnically Ethiopian/Sudanese/Somalian and the image of Ramses shows the features we associate with those African features.


The rulers of lower Egypt and Heliopolis (aka Avaris) led their people back into the Sinai desert.  Those patriarchs of this diaspora decided to codify the law in the Ten Commandments.   As a consequence of this harsh exile, they demanded strict patriarchy and declared all other idols to be false (remember how mad Charlton Heston was when he came down from the mountain and saw this guy leading the festivities?


The Old Testament is interesting because it basically implies that there are other gods but that since JHWH is a jealous God, the others should be ignored.  The contract between Jehovah and his chosen people would be that they would suffer, and they might be obliged to smite the occasional non-believer, but that inexorably they would return again to a promised land.asherah

What may shock many is that apparently, JHWH was said to have a wife, who was redacted out of the equation, named Asherah.

It seems that the Hyksos came to Egypt with polytheism and worshiped Baal, the son of JHWH and Asherah.


So there you have it- monotheism comes from a conservative, patriarchal mindset and focuses power to one mouthpiece of god.  Polytheism is more matriarchal and in the eyes of conservatives, only confuses the would-be faithful and therefore has always been suppressed.  Especially targeted were so-called Pagan goddesses, whether in the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Celtic, or Viking lore.  The natural worship of the feminine principle was made the enemy of the political/religious state from the time of Moses through the current day.

In the Abrahamic religions (Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam) the messiah was said to be born of a virgin, essentially demystifying the one undeniable fact of femininity, the ability to sexually reproduce (although virgin birth is not an agreed-upon feature of the Jewish interpretation).

So on this day honoring women, let us not forget that until the corporate artificial fetal incubators come online, all of us owe our lives to women, despite the many reviled and denigrated things we have been taught about 1/2 of the species. 

Just because JHWH got the kids and all the possessions in the ‘divorce’, that doesn’t mean that we can ignore the primacy of women in every aspect of human life.

Perhaps the reason why the current mouthpiece of god, the Ark of the Covenant, resides with the descendants of Sheba in Ethiopia is because the other sons of Solomon didn’t have a stable permanent residence yet.  sheba

And speaking of the Queen of Sheba, it is entirely possible that her historical ‘Wikipedia entry’ as it were has been totally redacted as well as there are many who believe she was the ruler of Upper Egypt as per the historian Josephus. 

All of history is manufactured consent from the ruling class but they always leave enough clues to reconstruct history.


Want to hear something really out there, there are those that suggest there was a second arc?  The Arc of Gabriel (who revealed the Koran to Mohammed) was said to have been unearthed in Mecca on 9/11/2015.  What we know is that people died in mass after a crane fell, then weeks later a stampede. Then it appears that the Pope and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch got together to read the instructions; then 150,000 penguins died around the time the Russian Patriarch visited Antarctica.  Raiders of the Lost Arc V, anyone?

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