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How much do exosomes cost?

Iy now, there are a lot of people who read these blogs that may be curious about exosomes.

As with many things in life, there is no easy answer. My breakdown below only pertains to the Kimera Labs brand which is the only one I’ve been using.

Let’s start by answering one question: can you compare different brands? I would say no because as I learned from attending the ISEV (International Society for Extracellular Vesicles), counting and characterizing exosomes is a science, an art, and a guess.

Companies use a machine that cannot estimate the actual number of real exosomes and include all particles. You can say you have exosomes when in fact a large number of particles you are counting may not be true exosomes. Watch this video to understand more.


Cosmetic procedures

Let’s start with cosmetic products, which tend to be lyophilized (freeze-dried) products. If you receive a laser or microneedling procedure with a freeze-dried product like Anteage or Benev, then there is some viability but not as high as pure exosome suspended in normal saline and kept at minus 80 degrees.

In many situations, the use of Benev, Anteage, and the frozen Kimera Vive cosmetic might cost you from $500-1000 dollars per treatment, depending on the modality. 

Common modalities include fractional erbium laser, microneedling, and radiofrequency microneedling

Charging by the quantity or by procedure?

The wholesale cost of the Kimera Labs exosome products range from $350 to $3000.  There are four main SKU (shop keeping units) and they consist of 1ml Luxir, 5ml Luxir, 1ml Luxir+ (3X concentration), and 5ml Luxir+ (3X concentration)

Why so expensive? Well, there are manufacturing facilities and equipment, dozens of employees, at least six PhD scientists, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in quality control testing.

I don’t know what other people charge but it depends on their overhead, ethics, and market, I suppose. I personally don’t charge for different treatment sites which is a huge benefit because if you purchase enough product or don’t mind dilution of effect, I can do an epidural injection, knee, and shoulder all in one sitting without adding costs in the traditional medical procedures pricing model.

Let’s take a 5ml Luxir vial (which you can call and inquire about). I have heard pricing ranging from about $2000 to $3500 per vial. I tend to make less margin on multiple vials because I want to encourage patients to purchase more for the same sitting for greater effect. In general, my pricing is average for the first vial and I make almost no margin for additional vials.

Why do I have to charge anything?  In cases of compassionate use for end-stage conditions, I may waive any margin but the essential concern is that my time, expertise, and ongoing care does have value. I have travel expenses, malpractice expenses, software charges, etc.

Get to the point!

I still think in terms of billions. By my estimation, the products are roughly

1ml Luxir=1.4B,  1ml Luxir+=4.2B, 5ml Luxir=7B, 5ml Luxir+=21B

———1.4B = 14 BAU (biological active units representing amount of RNA detected)

If you only need this small amount, the charge might be anywhere from $600 to $800

Examples: bad tooth, tendon nodule/trigger finger,  tennis elbow.

——–4.2B=  42 BAU

this is triple-concentrated and good for a single joint such as a hip, knee, or shoulder. If serious central nervous system effects are needed, this can be given nasally or even intraspinal. The charge might be from $1400-2000

——-7B= 70 BAU

This is a standard 5ml vial. It can be divided if you have, for example, a trigger finger and one bad knee. The charge is usually $2500-3000 although additional vials cost less in the same sitting

——-21B- 210 BAU

A bigger dose for autoimmune and anti-aging. Generally, we don’t do more than two vials. The charge for this is $4500-6000. This vial can be divided into nasal, joints, and IV. A second vial is not as expensive.

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