Clinicians at Yale are using MSC exosomes to treat long Covid
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Long Covid and exosomes

It seems that a small minority of the medical community is admitting the existence of problems associated with Covid infection with or without mRNA Covid injections. If you mention it happened after Covid, you will get sympathy; if you say your problems began after a vaccination, you will be shown the door.

Once purely the realm of conspiracy theorists, I have had patients tell me they have visited established academic medical centers for so-called Long Haulers or Long Covid.  Although the literature showing possible problems from autoimmune-like reactions to spoke protein exists, most clinicians don’t dare learn more about it because they personally, their families, and their patients are all potentially affected by the implications. Some current theories are that spike proteins can cause autoimmune reactions, increase blood-brain permeability, cause micro-clotting of small vessels, and therefore also engender nerve damage.

Trying to convince people that there many be adverse reactions to the very widely adopted mRNA therapies is difficult because of the cognitive dissonance surround science which became political in a climate where politics itself was religious. I actually had a mother tell me her 14-yo could no longer walk but that the consulting neurologist, instead of running imaging or lumbar puncture tests, insisted that it was psychosomatic after the mom suggested symptoms began after mRNA vaccination.

Sadly, nearly every week, I am contacted by a patient who believes their problems began with an mRNA shot or a Covid infection, but usually it is both. They usually have similar stories insofar as their problems began shortly after a vaccination, then lingered, then worsened after a natural Covid infection. The most common symptoms are 1) tinnitus with or without hyperacusis, 2) lethargy, headache, and brain fog, and 3) occasionally chest pain with or without palpitations, and rare dizzyness with standing (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Not surprisingly, they have all seem multiple doctors who insist that their symptoms couldn’t be related to the vaccines but they get a sympathetic ear if they only mention Covid because that supports the doctor’s beliefs that Covid is horrible.

My own 19-yo was given three doses that were mandated by his schools and was having chest pains for six months, especially when flying in a plane. After administration of IV exosomes twice, he has been without complaints for over six months. Even my brother, who is a pediatrician, thought my son had low grade myocarditis from the shots; it was right there on page one of the consent for those who bothered to read the consent, which I did. 

I attended medical school at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, which has since been renamed the Vagelos School of Medicine after an alumnus and benefactor, the CEO and Chairman of Merck. One of their blockbuster drugs was the much-maligned 2015 Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin, used to treat parasites and river blindness. Ironically, one of Dr. Vagelos’s proteges came to see me after experiencing brain damage from Long Covid. He had received three Pfizer mRNA shots, contracted the Delta variant of Covid, then took another two Moderna mRNA shots. After severe cognitive decline, he went to the Mayo Clinic’s Long Covid clinic where they confirmed his cognitive decline and brain damage were due to Long Covid and a neuroautoimmune condition. They only offered nutritional supplements, saying that the anecdotal use of MSC exosomes was not indicated.

In Contrast, Yale has a Long Covid Clinic which is openly treating long Covid with exosomes. This is a scientific article explaining the practice (which is inhaled nasal). Here is an excerpt of an article about their practice:

Administering MSC-exosome therapy via the nose, where they pass through the tiny spaces between the descending olfactory (smell) nerves and the skull of the cribriform plate, should allow these extracellular vesicles to move into the brain. This is a method already used in previous studies, that showed successful nasal administration of exosomes for other inflammatory conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Coupled with existing evidence that shows how MSC-derived exosomes can be used against acute COVID-19 infections, and in a variety of systemic inflammatory disease models and neuropathology models of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in animals, it is postulated that it may also be possible to harness this approach for nasal administration of MSC-exosomes for treatment of the neuro psychiatric aspects of LCS

Covid-associated brain fog - one story

I would not say that everyone I’ve treated has responded, but I would put the numbers at about seven out of ten. To be frank, it may be that they gave up too soon or the dosing was too low. For severe cases, I recommend spinal (cerebrospinal fluid) administration, but usually nasal injections with IV are the basic technique. Unlike the Yale doctor who has patients inhale, I think administering under the nasal mucosa just avoids one barrier to CNS entry.  Here are the unredacted notes from a 50-yo woman from Hawaii who wrote me this week to follow up on her results:

My experience was very positive, as you know. I also had received 3 covid vaccines and then got covid twice last year June, back to back. Or it was a relapse. But my covid was severe for about two weeks and then I seemed to recover. I took an overseas flight and by the time I arrived home, I was feeling the symptoms again. This time, my recovery took 2 months before I was able to get out of bed and return to daily activities. Even then I suffered extreme exhaustion and couldn’t manage too much for more than 20 minutes at a time. By the end of August, I could go out in public but I was still extremely tired. September and October improved but I was still lethargic, suffered from headaches and the tiredness just wouldn’t go away. I was forgetful and had a hard time paying attention. But even scarier, I was experiencing dizzy spells, heart palpitations and fainted several times. Even just going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I had a feeling of seeing stars and had to lay down on the floor.
Then a friend was listening to me tell this story at dinner one night and she introduced me to you. Right at the dinner table, I think we called you. You were in town, as luck would have it and you graciously agreed to meet me. I did so much research on you Dr, Park. I googled you, watched every youtube video you put out in the last 12 years, read your books, everything. 🙂 I was blown away by your research and your passion for helping so many, by your own story. I decided to get treatment because I felt that I had taken vaccinations with far less information and certainty of its success. And yet, your work made so much more sense. I was still feeling quite unwell even though I was functioning, I wasn’t myself at all. 
We met, spent some time together and you gave me my first nasal treatment. I remember telling you that I felt like I could see a little better, remember? Like somehow my eyes felt better.. It was so odd but true. I was having blurry vision and thought this was just because I work on computers a lot but that is also one of the immediate things I noticed, offhandedly. But the most important was the fact that I came down with a slight cold, if you recall, just after our session. I recovered quickly but started to notice one thing almost immediately as well: I SLEPT LIKE A ROCKSTAR. For the first time in ages, I was sleeping through the night solidly and when I would wake to go to the bathroom, I could go right back to sleep. I was sleeping 12 hours a night sometimes and I was shocked by how good I felt so quickly. I became one of your biggest fans. I kept improving and started to notice that I no longer had any energy drags, I never had a fainting spell again, I was no longer tired and could get through my day without a nap. Just felt great. For the first time in like many months. I have not been sick again since. I feel better than ever. 
But the sleep, the energy, no headaches, no lightheadedness or fainting, which scared me pretty bad, I’ll be honest… all of it had either improved so dramatically or disappeared altogether. I still sleep super well. I had another treatment with you around the first of the year and while I can’t say I noticed as many dramatic improvements as I did the first session, I can tell you that my mental focus and attention span is firing on all cylinders. I’ve been learning new technical skills for work that now seem so easy and natural. My work has improved, my career options have improved and I started a new business as well. All of that takes mental work, as well as physical effort and ENERGY. So even if that’s at the root of all of these accomplishments this year, I credit it all to the exosome treatments and I am such a big believer that I plan to do it any time I get a chance and can afford to do so. It’s been a game changer for me in so many ways that are tangible and I truly believe in and support the work you are doing in this very exciting field. Please don’t stop doing what you do, Dr. Park. People need you more than they know.
Sorry so long. But this is what I tell anyone on the subject. It impacted me greatly and in the greatest way.
Kind Regards,

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