Prometheus and Methusela, the world’s oldest trees

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The two oldest trees known were Bristlecone Pine trees in Nevada (Prometheus-5000 years old) and Prometheus in California (4800 years old)


a Bristlecone pine

Like all living things more evolved that bacteria, trees need to lengthen their telomeres with telomerase otherwise they’ll die from critically shortened chromosome tips, the telomeres. The difference between us and trees is that their telomeres are seven base pairs repeating (TTTAGGG) rather than the six that we use (TTAGGG.)

Bacteria all have circular DNA, which can be easily reproduced without shortening. In contrast, each cell from a EUKARYOTE (yeast, plants, and animals) houses the entire vast library of thousands of genes in its nucleus. The variable expression of those genes determines the form and function cells in their organs.

Evidence shows that trees with more telomerase activity live longer. With high telomerase activation, 2000- to 5000-year lifespans are possible. With moderate activity comes medium lifespans (400- to 500 years) and with little activation, the pine trees are short-lived (100- to 200-years.) †

You are fortunate to live in a time after the discovery of TA-65, a nutraceutical substance that can activate telomerase and thereby delay aging. Start your Patton Protocol now and you can experience rejuvenation so that someday, you can be “as old as the trees.”

† Flanary and Kletetschka published these results in Rejuvenation Research (2006 Spring; 9(1): 61-63

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