Prostate cancer Live Webinar now posted to YouTube

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Did you know that 5% of men under 30 have prostate cancer and that number is as high as 70% over 70?  Did you know that even though it can kill you, your doctor might recommend not treating it because he is counting on you to croak?

Did you know that you may have gotten prostate cancer and many others dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of times before.  Medical science has no idea!

In this 36 minute live webinar, I review the diagnosis, treatment and telomere-related cause of prostate cancer. How can there be such a high incidence yet low mortality?


Is it possible that your prostate is like a constantly retreaded tire? You get a pebble. It pebble falls out. You get a nail; you plug it.  You inject some rubber sealing inside. You retread.  Maybe like in all organs, cancer is constantly forming and dying off?

The US Preventative Task Force recommended against PSA screening in 2012 stating:

“High rate of overdiagnosis limits the value of screening”

What if every part of this expert recommendation is premised upon misinterpretations?

Overdiagnosis by PSA screening could actually under-diagnosing thousands of cancerous cells that would have been noticed with an earlier and more sensitive test. Those historical cancers already killed themselves before the index diagnosis. And perhaps the inability to make a difference in many men is because it is easily cured and self-destructing? 

What if people don’t die of other causes before the prostate cancer gets them?  I present a case of a man who died of a curable prostate cancer while his doctors were planning for a recurrence of brain cancer that never occurred.

Finally, for those of you who might want to make a gazillion bucks with the next big thing, look for my recommendation for how we SHOULD be testing cancer cells for intrinsic apoptotic susceptibility. 

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