Purchasing Exosomes

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  1. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS: (please read) 

1.    At this time, exosomes from naturally-occurring
Mesenchymal Stem Cells are not approved by the US FDA for the prevention or
treatment of any disease although they are the constantly working in all humans as the main mechanism of repair from birth until death

2.    The clinical practice of medicine involves many
known risks, to say nothing of the unknown risks. That is why any provider is
required to continuously learn, communicate honestly and effectively with
patients and their families, and attempt to fully inform patients in a manner
that fully preserves autonomy of their patients

3.     The regulation of the clinical practice of
medicine involves arbitrary and opaque standards at the state and the federal
level. It is the responsibility of the provider to know and understand these
standards and consult legal counsel if they feel it is necessary, to prior to
administering exosomes, in the context of an informed patient/physician

4.   Any provider is obliged to have current and full medical malpractice insurance that unambiguously covers the full scope of any
 proposed procedures that they will be performing with exosomes 

 5.   I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Dr. Park from legal actions that arise from my own decision to use exosomes. He is only one source of available information and my decisions aren’t based upon his recommendations  

6.   My decision to purchase exosomes of any brand, through any distributor, is solely my own and I am under absolutely no obligation  to purchase exosomes through Recharge Biomedical