When I meet twins, I sometimes tell them the story of how I once delivered twins but both ended up being the older one.
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Riddle me this: which twin is older?

When I meet twins, I sometimes tell them the story of how I once delivered twins but both ended up being the older one. Understand that twins are ridiculously obsessed about who is older, I’ve found.  No one has ever guessed the explanation of this true story…

I delivered the first baby before midnight and he was rightly the oldest…but the second twin was born ten minutes later, and she was also the oldest. You see, they were delivered on Saturday night of the annual Daylight saving time and the times of birth were 11:55pm and 11:05pm after the clock was turned back an hour.

Life has taught me a great many things and the moral of that story is that you just don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t just assume I’m lying or trying to mislead you…assume instead that your paradigm might be flawed.

In every endeavor from art, music, history, religion, politics, and science, experts hold on to dogma and only reluctantly and often posthumously recognize the Van Goghs, Jeff Buckleys, Hypatias, Akhenatons, Ron Pauls, and Rosalind Franklins.

Even Elon Musk, whose car company is named Tesla, favors Edison for his commercialization of what Tesla created and Edison stole: AC current.

What is person to do when no narrative, especially our own, can be taken at face value?

I recently watched the documentary called Obey Giant, about the artist who created the Obama “Hope” posters, Shepard Fairey. For years, I had seen his “Obey” stickers and posters around the world and never bothered to find out the who, what, why, and how of them.

As an artist and young man, Fairey was a fan of the movie, They Live.  Starting as an art student at RISD he began to post images of Andrey the Giant in major urban centers that eventually morphed into this image.

I correctly intuited that the image was an ironic admonition to NOT obey and a reminder of the slow descent into Orwellian thought control that was depicted in the movie, They Live. 

In that movie, the hero discovers sunglasses that allow him to see non-human imposters, the hidden messages behind advertising, and leads him into uncovering an disclosing a global cabal of elites conspiring to enslave mankind.



I suppose the artist is really a young man and that old age corrupts even the best intended. I say this because Fairey apparently bought, “hook, line, and sinker”, the intersectional, identity-politics-based anti-Trump propaganda that the media establishment is selling us. His passion is now to use his inimitable style to reinforce the message that Trump is a misogynist, Islamophobe, and racist.

Now you may agree with this, disagree, or think both at once (which would be the mark of a healthier mind.

It is Fairey’s right and even duty to use his gift to improve the world. I would only lament that the young man who was inspired to warn people to beware propaganda and mind control is now advancing a narrative just like the signs in the original movie he was inspired by.

If you want to demonize anyone as misogynistic, Islamophobic, and racist, I suggest you listen to nearly every single person’s casual conversations and intimate thoughts. With the help of the cloud and these omnipresent devices, I could easily build a case against nearly anyone and if you think that’s not the case, you are very mistaken.

Women often glibly state that “women are crazy”. Most of us are afraid of repression of women by Sharia law and persecution of non-closeted homosexuals, and nearly every person makes judgements based on race, even though they try to finesse into existence an institutional/historical subdefinition of racism.

I am not saying that Trump is not all of those things to a degree. I am just saying that if we hold everyone to a thought purity standard, then no one would be eligible to serve.

So which twin is older?  It seems ludicrous to choose as they both have a claim. So which version of Trump is correct? It doesn’t really matter. We, the people, are responsible for curtailing his power by holding him and his party accountable.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are running on an monolithic anti-Trump platform and instead of heeding the better angels of their party and aligning with things people want: healthcare, peace, and better lives. Even with the help of artists turned propagandists like Fairey, people are always motivated more by hope coupled with campaign promises than by fear and loathing. Mind you, you don’t have to actually keep any promises. That’s how the game has always been played but the Dems are trying to redefine the rules by making everything about character, not actual actions and overt rhetoric.


The media companies and a handful of corporations are in control of everything, including politics. But tell me, are they in control of you ability to think freely? Are you obeying by #resisting? If you think that everyone that supports Trump is a mindless, fascist, misanthrope then you may want to look at the three fingers pointing back at you when you make that accusation.

If you are going to label anyone that disagrees with you as sub-human, fly-over state Nazi hillbilly’s or Uncle Tom, Juan, and Tongs then don’t be surprised when the polls and your political “debates” don’t reflect the true diversity of opinion that is out there. To be honest, I was not a fan of Trump and did not vote for him. But two years of flagrant media propaganda is making me believe that if the (metaphorical) controllers visible only with sunglasses don’t like him, he should be allowed to continue disrupting a system that serves mainly to impoverish, divide, and terrorize us.

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  1. Hi Ed. In all the 74 years that I have lived so far, I never seen a President like the one we have now that makes me so angry for many, many reasons. I will exercise my vote in November to vote in the people that I think will stand up against him and his hateful agenda and hopefully help our country get back to some form of normalcy in the future. Although, nice analysis.

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