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Of the speakers at the Longevity Now conference, I know that my colleague Dave Woynarowski takes TA-65 and the sponsor of the event, David “Avocado” Wolfe also does.


What is interesting is that another of the gurus takes it but I won’t “out” him. He emalled me a couple of years back and we had a few phone calls so he could pick my brain about TA-65. Well, this weekend I finally I had the opportunity to meet him (I actually paid for it in the form of a book signing, but let’s not quibble).

To be honest, he takes what he considers to be an equivalent product and although he advocates a number of things to stay young and active, he doesn’t mention telomerase activators to his many minions.

Why not?

1) don’t get paid to sell it or endorse it

2) don’t want to recommend something expensive

3) don’t care to explain how it works

4) don’t want to recommend something controversial (cognitive dissonance from core message)

This reticence extends to an impressive list of celebrities who take TA-65.  So the take home point is that with the exception of Roger Daltrey of The Who, who graciously allowed me to mention his use of it in my book, the TA Sciences corporation does not pay any celebrities to promote it so they are silent about it.


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