Shorter Telomeres associated with Heart Attacks

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There are so many articles in existence and so many being published that I could blog about ten of them daily and never catch up.

This recent study linked heart attacks and shorter telomere length has risen to the ranks of a Huffington Post so here it is:


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One thing that I will caution everyone on is that acute stress, such as running a marathon, causes a shift in telomere lengths measured because of the shift in white blood cell composition.

If a person presented in pain and acute inflammation, this may have caused confounding by virtue of a shift in populations of white cells.  Despite that, my best guess is that the study would still validate my hypothesis that all risk factors, including the glucose intolerance, high cholesterol, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and inflammation that are associated with heart attacks are all enhanced by stem cells’ inability to maintain their telomeres (leading to mutations of the chromosomes).


In lieu of blogging 10 times a day, I leave it there and repeat: there is only one disease with many faces:

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