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Harvard/Northwestern VA study claims to predict cancer risk with telomere lengths

Men who developed cancers were compared with those that didn’t for the 13 years prior to diagnosis or exclusion by using a quantitative PCR measurement (which is problematic). Firstly, they found was two different curves with the cancer group showing a more rapid shortening trend. This is consistent with my stem cell theory of aging and most of the extant studies.

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So we may be soon entering a future where people may be limited by government to take nutriceuticals to help your telomeres and the stem cells they protect. It’s a world where scientist all agree on the importance of telomeres but won’t endorse anything except lifestyle tweaks or are openly hostile to telomerase for some other hidden agenda. But logically, insurance companies will have a fiduciary duty to measure abnormal telomeres in order to predict higher risk and to charge higher premiums to people more likely to need health care or life insurance.

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