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Real patient experiences

Your choice of telomere articles today

I have not watched the entire Blackburn interview but if you are so inclined, have at it:

She is not looking any younger but does give an account of playing with ants as a girl in Australia.

Alternatively, you could look at the other Google Alerts for today about telomeres showing that protecting them reduces aging whereas permitting telomere recombination ages them:

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Lobsters are immortal and maybe you can be too!

For tonight, I’ll let someone else do the heavy lifting. Dr. Joe Dispenza did a great job writing this article.

I have discussed this topic before, both with regard to lobsters and Dr. Blackburn’s study of men with prostate cancer.

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The choir preaches back

I did a mini-editorial about a TIME magazine article quoting Blackburn, the Nobel Prize-winner for the discover of telomerase. It generated some interesting comments which went a lot farther than I did.

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We are not machines

…research suggests that healthy lifestyle choices may be acting via one final common pathway: telomerase activation.

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