We have a “winner”- only one person left born in the 1800s

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Sadly, our pioneers in human health and longevity have charted a course to oblivion for humanity. They aim to cure aging and cancer despite ignoring common sense and first principles

Hairy tales, but not fairy tales

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For tonight, I just wanted to post a fascinating and unredacted email from Ralph P. of Colorado. His observations are not uncommon of the system-wide regeneration experienced when taking Ta-65.  Of note, his enthusiasm to start a PhD at age 61 is one of the wonderful things that happens when you make the “existential U-turn” and truly believe that the …

Why hair turns gray

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(Adapted from a posting by Edyta Zielinska on GernTalk, dated 11th June 2009:) “Researchers have identified the mechanism for why hair goes gray with age and stress in the June 12, 2009 issue of Cell. It’s generally thought that accumulated DNA damage is a likely culprit in aging phenotypes such as graying hair, but researchers have been unable to show …