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Real patient experiences

Can oxytocin cure mental illness?

Mental illnesses ranging from so-called autism, mood disorders, and personality disorders are really emergent phenomena from dysfunctional human experiences

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Dogs use oxytocin to bond with humans

It would seem that it’s a “dog-eat-dog” work amongst dogs but when they are looking to be adopted and cared for by humans, they have co-opted the infant-parent cuteness that keeps us from abandoning our own young.

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Norm Shealy believes mental illness is caused by and potentially curable with oxytocin

Today I am posting the conclusion of my interview with Dr. Norm Shealy. He has a very interesting theory about the failure of bonding from childbirth and childhood being a deficiency of oxytocin. He states that mental illnesses represent a failure of oxytocin and that using his energy modalities, he can cause people to release oxytocin and treat those illnesses.

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