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Constipation webinar

Here is the last PODCAST Number 45, which was about constipation.
Why do dogs eat that stuff? Why does it smell? What’s a normal shape? Everything you never wanted to know about defecation and didn’t really give a you-know-what about to begin with.

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Dogs use oxytocin to bond with humans

It would seem that it’s a “dog-eat-dog” work amongst dogs but when they are looking to be adopted and cared for by humans, they have co-opted the infant-parent cuteness that keeps us from abandoning our own young.

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Lung cancer video

The moral of the story, think outside the box if you want to stay there. She should have had the primary removed but couldn’t find a maverick surgeon to take it out even after she had cleared metastases to the brain and spine.

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Live Spinal Injury Webinar this WED April 8th @ 2pm PST

After a 2-yr hiatus, my Podcasts are returning with our 46th installment: Spinal Injury.

I will present a brief overview of Spinal Injury and then share a remarkable case of a man who is on the road to recovery after five years of complete paralysis.

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