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Shorter telomeres confer higher risk of dying

In this excellent review of the telomeres of 65,000 Danish people over seven years, they found that shorter telomeres were independently associated with about a 50% higher chance of dying after controlling for all confounding variables.

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Same data, two opposite conclusions? – unless…

When data from the Copehnhagen City Heart Study was published in 2013, they concluded that shorter telomeres in leukocytes was not associated with increased cancer after adjusting for age but that it WAS associated with reduced survival from cancer http://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/content/105/7/459.long

In 2015, the same data looked at certain gene tendencies that promote telomere shortening and concluded that cancer survival was IMPROVED when shortening was enhanced in the telomeres.

Contradiction? Not so fast.

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