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Honor Columbus on this Day? I’d rather let Washington football fans keep their name…

Many would default to the notion that revisionism of the Columbus story is a politically-correct act of sophistry engaged in by elitists and malcontents. They might argue that any reevaluation of Columbus Day is cynical because there is no absolute standard of good an evil; everything is just a matter of degrees and subject to moral relativism right? I mean Lincoln was probably a racist and MLK had affairs. So why not give Christopher Columbus a bye here?

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What is the hidden message in the movie “Cocoon”?

For some odd reason, I meet a lot of people these days who claim to have had near-death experiences that have transformed their consciousness. Once they feel you aren’t going to laugh at them, their stories are remarkably similar and the convergence of myth, spirituality, and what is normally considered “pseudo-science” is intriguing. You may say that “like attracts like” but unfortunately, I have never seen aliens or had a near-death experience, I don’t believe in religious dogmas, and I don’t have any proof that life force, consciousness, or extraterrestrials exist.

That said, let’s explore the common themes that Hollywood movies, mythology and religion, and these New Age first-hand voyagers that I meet all share:

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DEVO was prophetic about our modern man – but we can “Whip it!”

Most people don’t know there was a competing and long-deprecated alternative theory to Darwinism called Lamarckism. It suggested that individuals can direct their own phenotype (appearance and function) based on choices and behaviors. This idea that was left largely on the dust bin of scientific history in the 1930’s, has now been rehabilitated by the field of epigenetics in a big way.

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