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“Talking ’bout my generation…” – Roger Daltrey turns 70-years-old

I would like to thank and honor the wonderful musician and great soul, Roger Daltrey of the rock band “The Who”, for his unselfishness in admitting he is taking a telomerase activator.
Like a growing list of celebrities, he has taken been taking TA-65 because he believes in it. Unlike all the other celebrities that I know, he allows other people to know it. There are Nobel Prize winners, All-star athletes, Hollywood A-listers, and many other prominent people who refuse to say so. Why?


8. They can’t explain how it works
7. They want credit for healthy lifestyle choices
6. They want credit for having good genes
5. It seems elitist because it it so expensive
4. They are convinced it isn’t all placebo effect
3. They are private
2. They are not sure it is safe yet
1. They aren’t getting paid to endorse it


An interesting synchronicity occurred last summer when I was finishing my book, “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging”.  Knowing that Roger had taken TA-65 for over a year, I had contacted his agent through the magic of Facebook.  But I had heard nothing for weeks and had pretty much given up hope about mentioning him in the book.

Needing to submit the final revision of my book in the morning, I literally had my finger on the delete button at Starbucks to erase the reference to Mr. Daltrey when a message popped up on Facebook messages saying “Roger says it is ok to mention him.”  I got chills.

So thank you, Roger, for doing the right thing and sharing your experience with others. Here’s to hoping more celebrities open up about their use of TA-65 as well before something happens to make this wonderful gift to mankind unavailable.

Here’s a picture of Roger in 2011:

Roger in 2011


And here he is February 28, 2014



No way! 

(And don’t try to put him down, just because he gets around…)

  • Roger says “The Who” is not close to calling it quits – and based on my enjoyment of their “Quadrophenia” Rock Opera last summer at my local arena, I would agree. 


  • At 70, he is acting his age and taking an ocean cruise April 2-7th (but headlining it with “The Moody Blues”)


  • In two days (3/10/2014) he releases a new original album with guitarist Wilko Johnson of “Dr. Feelgood”




To hear how TA-65 changed my patient’s voice to a younger sound, watch this classic Podcast 44: “The Voice”

Podcast 44: The Voice

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