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Telomerase Activation

Since 2007, I have been taking a telomerase activator nightly. In this blog, I’ll explain what I think that means. For the last 16 years, I have only taken the astragalus-derived small molecule activator of telomerase with no other supplements or hormones. This week, I ran out of my own brand, RECHARGE, and because the original brand, TA-65, has returned to the original strength and value, I decided to stop manufacturing my own after nine years.

Telomerase is fundamental to aging

There are many gurus who say telomerase is not an important part of aging. They are wrong. You can just look up dyskeratosis congenita, which is a genetic defect in any of the three components of telomerase, and you will see a model for premature aging.  To learn more, pick up a copy of one of my two books:

"You haf an enn of one (n=1)"

Our Peruvian professor during residency used this expression to bludgeon us when we described a case. If the case doesn’t fit your argument, cite a statistic. If the statistic doesn’t fit your argument, cite an anecdote. As for my case, I have taken TA-65 or what I believe to be the same molecule for 16 years without clinical cancer, no excessive lengthening or shortening of telomeres, no near-sightedness, and very rare gray hairs. It also was associated with massive disappearance of about 20 pounds after just 3 months, which resolved my long-standing fatty liver and hypercholesterolemia associated with so-called “metabolic syndrome”. Here is a picture of me, my two sons, and my mom over the years.


What's the proof?

Around 2000, a company discovered a molecule that they believed activated telomerase. In 2007, the product went to market. I’ve created blogs and videos on the subject that you can find at www.rechargebiomedical.com or YouTube channel “drpark65”. Here are some of the studies that have been published:

1) de Jesus et al. “The telomerase activator elongates short telomeres…” Aging Cell. 2013 Apr 16 –  Only mice with intact telomerase gene showed fewer signal-free (uncapped) chromosome ends


Immune health improved

CD28+ (positive) cells are the naive T-cells your immune system needs to fight new threats. As we age, the numbers of these unused “blank keys” declines and that loss is accelerated by chronic infections like CMV.

2) Harley et al. “A natural product telomerase activator as part of a health maintenance program”. Rejuvenation Research. 2011 Feb; 14(1): 45-56

In this observational study, the use of TA-65 was associated with fewer critically-short telomeres and fewer senescent (CD28-) cells

The holy grail of science: The RCT

in 2016, researchers published the results of a placebo-controlled randomized controlled study. With 117 CMV-positive subjects, they followed the telomere lengths and found that the use of TA-65 was associated with a statistically significant increase in telomere length at a specific dose.

3) Salvador et al. “A Natural ….randomized, double blind, and placebo controlled study.” Rejuvenation Research. 2016 dec 1; 19(6): 478-484

TA-65 prevented damage from cigarettes

Mice who were given TA-65 were protected from the effects of cigarette smoking with regard to airway damage.

4) Tiendrebeogo et al. “…TA-65 protects from cigarette smoke…” Sci Rep. 2023 Jan 16;13(1):25.

Decreased inflammation post heart attack

In a double-blinded study of patients after myocardial infarction, the TA-65 group had improved immune function and decreased inflammation

5) Bawamia et al. “….TA-65 enhances immunity and reduces inflammation…”  Geroscience. 2023 Apr 22;1-17

Interested in learning more?

As I mentioned, you can learn more on my YouTube channel “drpark65” or by going to www.rechargebiomedical.com/ta-65

I can also forward you unique instructions on how to take TA-65 and what to expect if you email me at drpark@rechargebiomedical.com

If you have been taking RECHARGE for any of these past nine, years, thank you!  I recommend switching to TA-65 at a roughly 1:1 capsule ratio of the 100U version. You can order a monthly subscription above and feel free to contact me with any questions.

3 thoughts on “Telomerase Activation”

  1. Rod Stephenson

    Thank you for all the updates over the years – its been an inspiring journey to understand the science and the benefits of using a product for telomere support.

  2. hello
    is it not causing cancer
    if you do not know there is a cancer,can TA65 aggravate the cancer
    what is the actual price
    can it be sent over to europe?(problem to get through the border chechup)
    thanks for your answers
    if ok I can advise it to my patients
    Dr M Verjans

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