The best available evidence from epidemiology strongly suggests that having high cholesterol doesn't increase health risk
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The Great Cholesterol Hoax

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, it’s not really a hoax per se. It’s just that the best available evidence from epidemiology strongly suggests that having high cholesterol doesn’t increase health risk and,that taking drugs to lower it is harmful. Furthermore, eating cholesterol doesn’t raise your cholesterol. Scientists had a theory that because cholesterol is found in atherosclerotic plaques, it was the cause of heart disease; it was plausible but in the end, it was a false conclusion based on the actual evidence that we have.

If you don’t believe me, read this article summarizing the evidence of decades of studies contradicting the narrative sold to you by drug companies and their minions, the clinicians. If you don’t believe taking cholesterol lowering medications are dangerous, read this article.

I was inspired to do this blog because yet another patient of mine told this week me their cholesterol was 32 points lower after a year of taking adaptogens despite no change in diet or lifestyle. How could this be occurring?

As I explain in the video below, I believe that high cholesterol in the blood simply represents underutilization from aging cells.

If you are taking cholesterol lower drugs, you may want to discuss stopping them with your doctor. If you want to learn more, watch my video on the subject:

I know it can be hard to unlearn what you already think you know. For that reason, I want to arm you with knowledge. Experts who push dogma and drugs are not always to be trusted. If you want to know how your body really works, I urge you to read my book, The Telomere Miracle.

In it, I explain not only diet and nutrition, but how and why we sleep, how consciousness works, what supplements are good for you, how to breath correctly, and which exercises are most effective.

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