The NEW RECHARGE™ is now a 29% better value (but it is NOT ‘generic’ TA-65)

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Every week, I strive to do a live webinar. Leading up to our March 30th, 2015 reformulation of RECHARGE™, I did a webinar last week for the Lokahi Guru affiliates called “What are adaptogens?”

This week, I presented a live webinar on the topic of “TA-65 versus RECHARGE” in which I answered all your burning questions about TA-65 including a comprehensive review of the literature. I also discussed why RECHARGE is not the same as TA-65 and cannot be be marketed as a proven telomerase activator.

For those who have felt confused in the past, this should clarify things:

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  1. Very precise and not too long a webinar but I am still not clear to fully understanding..I seem to have heard that Recharge does not activate telomerase and isn’t that what we want to reverse the shortening and lengthen the telomeres…What precisely does Recharge do then ? xxxJoyce

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      RECHARGE has not been proven to activate telomerase and that is why we don’t market it as such. It does at contain a highly purified substance from Astragalus that may have benefits from a variety of adaptogenic pathways. Happy to discuss further if you would like to chat, Joyce

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