Dr. Park takes 30 minutes to present a topic and/or interview someone about exosome therapy. Every week at 11AM Tuesday Hawaiian time (2PM PST/5PM EST)
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Tuesday Exosome live webinars

Weekly Exosome Webinar #1: What is an exosome?

I am planning to host a weekly 30-minute Zoom meeting focusing on exosomes.

Please join us every Tuesday 11AM Hawaii Time (2PM PST/5PM EST)

Topics will vary based on guests and your requests for topics. Send requests to Drpark@rechargebiomedical.com

Zoom Meeting Details: Waiting room opens 10-mintes before start. Click the link below


Meeting ID: 928 8942 1312

Passcode: 2ztZLR

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Previous posts and Webinars

Archives Week 7- May 15, 2022

In the three years since I started using and learning about exosomes, they have become “FDA-approved’ (for Covid-19 mitigation). Let’s explore what that means

The exosome blog discusses a friend of mine whose nerve pain resolved after exosomes.

The telomere blog shows my theory of telomere erosion causing cancer and disease is valid

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