Water is never out of balance and since we are mostly comprised of it, we should learn to be more like it
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Wanna live a long healthy life? Go with the flow…

I was in yoga the other day when the teacher made a very profound observation as we all struggled to maintain hold still through a difficult one-legged posture. She said:

“Balance is not about being still”

This is absolutely correct in a neuromuscular sense.  In order to be balanced, you are making countless movements.  Think about a person who is very drunk or someone who has been knocked out.  When someone pretends to faint or doesn’t actually lose consciousness, they slouch to protect themselves from the fall. But if you’ve seen a person truly faint, they fall like a tree because there is no activity adjusting for balance.

It is only when you lose some aspect of your proprioception (awareness of body parts and the amount of force being used to maintain them in space) that we truly appreciate how being balanced and appearing perfectly still is actually a work of active adjusting.  If you spin around a baseball bat at a church picnic relay race, you know what I mean.

When I created my brand of adaptogenic supplement, I sought a word from any language that would describe my emerging idea that good health is merely movement while in balance.  That concept is well-described by the Hawaiian word, Lokahi.

In a very real sense, the people who are the healthiest don’t get stuck; they laugh, they forgive, they try again…it is a way of being that allows you to thrive in any moment. Accept that wherever you are is where you need to be.  Be present, be grateful, be kind.


And so, we must admit that the experience of being optimally alive and healthy is quite literally to be like water and “go with the flow”.   From Greek philosophy to Bruce Lee, the notion of being like water is an important one.  Water is never out of balance and since we are mostly comprised of it, we should learn to be more like it


One of the most common and odd symptoms of starting an adaptogen is becoming a more mellow person in general.  A few weeks ago, a young woman told me she got into a car accident and it just didn’t bother her like she KNEW it would have bothered her before taking the supplement.

A few days ago, I ran out of hydrogen gas 1/2 mile from the station and needed a tow. It didn’t bother me and in an hour, what might have caused a non-Recharge-taking me considerable consternation was over and I was along my merry way.




To the point of constantly changing to maintain balance, I want to promote our newest iteration of RECHARGE, which is very powerful yet calming. I can already notice better mood and “flow” throughout the day and my sleeping is more predictable.  If you would like a full disclosure on how the formulations have changed over the last two years, you can read more below:

Here is a history of the iterations of RECHARGE as they have evolved through the past two years. The production run is identified by the quote on the label.
Labelled as “Genesis 3:22”
“The LORD God said, ‘Since man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil, he must not reach out, take from the tree of life, eat, and live forever.””

Manufactured: May-September, 2014


34mg Curcuma Longa
21mg Holy Basil
13mg Rhodiola
8mg Astragalus extract (98% pure)

Labeled as: “Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3.28”
“Lead us from the unreal to the real. Lead us from darkness to light. Lead us from death to immortality”.”

Manufactured: November, 2014

Formulation: (NO CHANGE)

34mg Curcuma Longa
21mg Tulsi
13mg Rhodiola
8mg Astragalus extract (98% pure)

Labelled as “Proverbs 9:11”
“For by Wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.”

Manufactured: March, 2015

50mg Fo-ti Root
25mg Tusli
15mg Rhodiola
10mg Astragalus extract (98% pure)

Notes:  The Curcumin was dropped due to some conflicting evidence that it may have telomerase inhibtory effects.  Fo-ti root was added due to its reputation as a rejuvenating herb.  Astragalus extract increased by 25%.

Labelled as “Gilgamesh Tablet XI”

“I’ll dare to give this plant to aged men as food
and they will call it life-giving.
I too intend to eat it and to be made forever young.”

Manufactured July, 2015

30mg Tulsi
30mg Ashwaganda
15mg Rhodiola
10mg Astragalus extract (98% pure)

Notes: Fo-Ti was dropped due to concerns about the variable nature of its preparation process leading to possible inconsistency.  Ashwagandha, a safe and gentle adaptogen was added instead

Labelled as “C. Hermeticum”

“This wretched soul, not knowing what she is, becomes the slave of bodies of strange form in sorry plight, bearing the body as a load; not as the ruler, but the ruled”

Manufactured: October, 2015

Formulation: (NO CHANGE)
30mg Tulsi
30mg Ashwaganda
15mg Rhodiola
10mg Astragalus extract (98% pure)

Labelled as: “Quran 50:34”
“Enter it in peace. This is the day of immortality.”

Manufactured: April, 2016

50mg Gynostemma
30mg Tulsi
30mg Ashwaganda
10mg Astragalus extract (98% pure)

Notes: Rhodiola was removed due to rare individuals who were sensitive to its ‘activating’ effects.  Gynostemma, a gentle and broad-acting adaptogen, was added. The post-production potency actually came back at 11.9 mg Astragalus extract.



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