Watch my interview with Bulletproof CEO, Dave Asprey

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Check out this fascinating six-minute interview I conducted with Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee and author of The Bulletproof Diet.

In it, he touches upon some of the main points behind his biohacking revolution in nutritional thinking. Specifically, that eating fat and plant based diets are superior to the sugar and carbs that our old food pyramids and the large food interests had us addicted to.

He also explains why lack of mold toxin testing in coffee is unique to and so dangerous in American brands. As someone who manufactures his own supplement, I can tell you that I never trust the certificates on raw materials and that is why I independently test for mold, bacteria, and heavy metals prior to and after encapsulation.

Is your coffee making you tired? Dave explains it might just be the mold toxins in it!

Want to help some of your friends get off the raw vegan bandwagon? Hear how Dave did it for many people who heard him speak at the Longevity Now conference that I blogged about here.

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