What is fibromyalgia?

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I would like to confess that I have no idea what causes fibromyalgia or why one client feels taking my Recharge supplement helps. Here is her email that I recently received:

“Thank you again for this amazing medicine (sic). I
have fibromyalgia and I don’t need to take any pain medicine window
started Recharge.”

My first foray into understanding it was this podcast after several patients reported improvement while taking TA-65. If you know someone who suffers from the condition, please consider sharing this informative video with them.

Some time later, I met a doctor who claimed that heavy metal deposition was to blame and it seemed plausible:

Whatever the cause, perhaps there is some anecdotal evidence, albeit not proven through FDA clinical trials, that things like adaptogens and beans appear to help some. If you are using pain pills and current medicine has no cure, then you really don’t have much to lose. Also consider CDB which may have a benefit.

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