"white privilege" is being able to say incorrect, offensive, and useful things and not being called on them, simply because you are the man in charge during a time of perceived crisis from the hostile malcontents.
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“White Privilege” doesn’t belong in quotes

Tonight, I was inspired to blog when a Facebook “friend” mocked the diversity protests apparently breaking out on college campuses. The students were forcing deans to fear for their jobs by writing:

“Organized crime: either your brains or your signature are going on this contract….Either you apologize for your “white privilege” or you’re fired.”

If you substitute “white privilege” with “heathen ways” and “you’re fired” with “you’ll be killed”,  her rhetorical flourish sounds a lot like a watered-down version of white supremacy in the subjugation of indigenous peoples but I suppose when the moccasin is on the other foot…

Listen, there is a lot of cognitive dissonance floating around so let me be clear. Some people make stuff up in “false flag operations”, overreact, love to protest, love to blame, and are crybabies when it comes to so-called “microaggressions”.

On the other hand, some people think genocide, murder, propaganda, and fostering hatred are simply the cost of having order. Such people have been called Nazis but they have also been called ministers of government, missionaries like Saint Junipero Serra, Bolsheviks, Mullahs, and Popes.

When it comes to “Whiteness” what we really are speaking of is a placeholder for dominant culture. A superstar black athlete or entertainer becomes more “white” with fame and wealth.  A gay person becomes more white by staying in the closet.  A reform Jew is whiter if he marries a shiksa but a Conservative Jew becomes less white by marrying a “Palestinian”.  A poor white person is actually less white than an Asian-American silicon valley executive but when it comes to college admissions, he is more white.

Conservatism is a strong identification with dominant culture. It says that Columbus was a man of his time and that absolute moral standards to not apply.  But the slippery slope of normalization of bad behavior is at the root of the racist joke as well as the unmanned drone strike.

Inherent in the human soul is the need to identify what is the dominant mode of being. It is white over ethnic, male over female, straight over bisexual, American versus foreign, Protestant over Catholic, rich over poor, and conservative versus progressive.  The reason young people are so unable to tolerate freedom-of-perceived-hate-speech is that they have concretized dominant culture into self-loathing.  In turn, they externalize their feelings of inadequacy when it comes to being female, gay, black, poor, Catholic…you name it.

In my mind, when candidate Ben Carson says a Muslim should never be president, he is already disqualified from being an American President because such a notion is anathema to the US Constitution. But his politics, religion, and xenophobia to allow him to aspire to greater “whiteness” by identifying with the dominant culture.

Of course, the desire to identify with the dominant culture is inherent in all humans.  That is why the new series based on the Philip K. Dick Novel “The Man in the High Castle” in which director Ridley Scott creates an America where the fascist Nazi and Imperial Japanese armies prevailed, is superfluous in the extreme.


In the hearts and minds of post-9/11 American fearbots, we have blissfully become a fully fascist nation. There is no freedom of the press insofar as the content is dictated by corporate interests.  Politicians dare not question the military or foreign policy edicts of the military-intelligence apparatus of the state. Anti-intellectualism and xenophobia are the norms and there are those who espouse population control, mandated vaccination, and national socialism (or government control of all services), which is, after all, what Nazi stands for.

The historical Nazis scapegoated capitalists because they ascribed the failed Weimar economy to the financiers such as Max Warburg, a director of the Reichsbank until 1938 (and brother to Paul Warburg, the architect of the US Federal Reserve System.)

Naziism was a bit of drug-inducted, half-baked mysticism that grew into a pure force of fascism. It is unimportant whether Aryanism has its roots in South Asia or with wizardly giants above the Arctic circle. The important doctrine is to believe whatever the patriarch says, however non-nonsensical or psychopathic it may be.

At this moment in history, there are too few Americans who understand what America was supposed to stand for. America was once the land where religious tolerance, checks and balances, and individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were paramount.  Now, America is freedom to root for any NFL team and to vote for one of two placeholders for the status quo – that of oligarchs vs. oligarchs in a real-life version of geopolitical Spy vs. Spy


IMG_0679 (1)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having lunch with G.E. Griffin, the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island which is a seminal work on the history of the US Federal Reserve that argues for its ending.  I am 48 and he is 84 but the weight and quality of his scholarship and thought leadership far outpace my own.  He believes that the RECHARGE that he has been taking and distributing is helping but who can say?  I do know that after starting it, he had the energy to undertake a very large project called Freedom Force International.  It hopes to unite those who want to fight what he considers to be a Fabian Socialist/Rothschild Collectivist conspiracy at large.

Later at dinner/poker with friends from the golf club, someone rhetorically asked “how much money does one person need?”  One multimillionaire quipped “Now we know who the Democrats are here.  It’s not about money, its about controlling the world”.

And that was the surprising point I made to Ed Griffin.  Despite the moral misgivings I may have over corporate welfare, the “too big to fail” bailout shell game from Wall Street all the way through the IMF-World Bank, and the open manipulation of “free markets” such as LIBOR and gold, we cannot deny that the current collectivist regime has made good on the failed Weimar promise of elastic money, to say nothing of national preservation and expansion.

If the day ever comes when thousands of Americans are droned to death without trial or declaration of war by the Yemeni Air Force, you may have me questioning the value of being an American.  Our foreign interventions are beyond reproach because we have an abiding trust in the military industrial complex and a dearth of curiosity and morality. The total lack of outrage from the American people is astounding.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.44.31 AM


Thought experiment: what if the Ayatollah so-and-so had recently proclaimed that “Hitler didn’t want kill the Jews but that he was talked into it by the (ancestor of my current enemy?)”  It might receive more name-calling and vitriol than the historical lesson that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received, wouldn’t you say? That, my friends, is “white privilege” in the context of modern Zionism. It is being able to say incorrect, offensive, and yet expedient things and not being called on them, simply because you are the man in charge during a time of perceived crisis from the hostile malcontents.


P.S.  Some of my best friends, if not most, are white.  If you can be proud of being of European heritage and also understand the wrong done by your ancestors for your own benefit, then you are okay.

I was moved my the “Haka” (or the Maori war dance) performed by the mostly white boarding schoolers in New Zealand’s Christchurch Boys’ High School in honor of their valedictorian battling cancer. Start watching around 8.55.  The haka begins at 13:04

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.41.31 AM

It is ironic that ancestors of the ethnic Maori may have lost their lives to ancestors of these white boys in years past but that in no way detracts from the sincerity of their message.

May this tradition made internationally famous by the back-to-back World Cup “All Blacks” national rugby team of New Zealand be truly appreciated for the deeper tribal roots that they perhaps represent…

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 2.10.23 AM


In the end, we are all one tribe, fighting a war of light over darkness on this sacred day of Divali that a billion people celebrate. Happy Divali!

Diwali is the celebration of this inner light over spiritual darkness, knowledge over ignorance, right over wrong, good over evil

4 thoughts on ““White Privilege” doesn’t belong in quotes”

  1. Chad Solloway

    I don’t think you really understand what the Nazi’s stood for if you equating Nazism with Socialism.

    Nazi’s were fascist and violently anti socialism. (Remember, Hitler lost world war II because he didn’t like communism and believed it was wise to stab the Russians in the Back).

    Even Nazism today is extremely conservative.

    I’m not a supporter of Nazism and there hatred and intolerance for people they viewed benieth them one of (if not) the largest failures of the human race.

    That being said, this article is bananas, The United States and Europe as a whole are far more moral than the Nazi movement. (even the average German who didn’t control there government during the War can’t be accused of being as immoral as the Nazi’s)

    Yes, we have problem and yes, you have hit on some of them. Your claim that we are living in the worst time in history is crazy though. Even the United States and Europe have gone though worse. This statement show you lack of understanding history.

    I think the US was closer to Nazism in our past than we are today. (likely only because we saw and identified Nazism with evil)
    -Japaneses Internment camps.
    -Jim Crow
    -Degradation of Females
    -Restrictive voting laws
    -Genocide of Native peoples
    -Sweet Shop
    -Child Labor

    We have lots of sins as a country. Being modern days Nazi’s isn’t only of them at least not yet.

    1. As for Nazis being anti-socialism, I believe the S in Nazi was for “socialist”. Hitler conflated international Bolshevism with Jewishness in an effort to rally political power through hate. I think you missed the point of my posting. I believe we are in a de facto utopia created by ignorance and a consumer, fear-driven, police state. Yemenis don’t send drones to bomb our weddings and that is a good thing.

      As long as we don’t question the fundamental righteousness of American Excpetionalism, we are second to none in terms of standard of living, projection of military force, and the projection of political power which as Chairman Mao said “flows from the barrel of a gun”.

      The issue of whether the state exists to preserve individual rights of live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness versus whether all human rights and morals must be subjugated to serve the ship or corporate/state fascism has been answered by the deafening silence to our post-9/11 George Zimmerman/Trevon Martin policies- “if we feel threatened, we have every right to kill you”. Americans would rather have bread and circuses than liberty and justice for all because we have abrogated our right to think and judge without official sanction. America is not an evil empire nor a nation-state per se. It is not a confederation of states joined by shared principles. It is just a business run for its constituents- corporations and oligarchs. Our chief export is military and our ethos is fear masked ao s a city upon a hill.
      Did we really need to firebomb Germany and Iraq into the stone age? Did we really need to drop two nuclear bombs on civilian/industrial centers? It was good for business. Follow the money. Always, follow the money.

  2. As soon as I saw the author (?) attack Ben Carson with the word “xenophobic” I couldn’t help but realize this person is one of those hate-mongering leftist who need to toss out labels for fun and fancy.
    Ben Carson is as far from xenophobic as one can get. He has no problem with (LEGAL) immigration, aka those coming here from abroad who respect OUR LAWS. Carson’s reasoning for say a Muslim isn’t difficult for an adult to understand either. While we may not be a Christian nation (in the eyes of some), we are undeniably a Christian-Judaeo ORIENTED society. Muslims, by and large, follow a different set of principles than those of Christians. And their set of principles are not compatible with OUR Constitution.
    The author above would do well to stop fostering hate among his brethren, and join the human race.

    1. Islam tracks its lineage to Abraham as well and honors Jesus as a prophet. I am not trying to foster hate. On the contrary, all religions can be construed as peace-loving or war-mongering depending on the circumstances.

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