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Will Alex Zhavoronkov’s company cure aging “In silico” before porting it over to humanity? (Part 1)

At the 2014 American Academy of Anti-Aging conference, I was pleased to interview and dine with the keynote speaker, Alex Zhavoronkov.  He is a visionary leader in business, research, and anti-aging. 


ageless generation


In this 5:36 segment, we discuss his vision for anti-aging technologies to solve the problems of Social Security, Medicare, and the global economy.  We also discuss why extreme longevity will NOT, as some believe, lead to overpopulation.



1 thought on “Will Alex Zhavoronkov’s company cure aging “In silico” before porting it over to humanity? (Part 1)”

  1. This biochem info(theory) has been around/coalescing for a few years and seems to be gaining in supportive data. If this is actually correct-we have many mortality solutions that helped but not the definitive solution-then there should enhanced/expedited propagation accompanied with ecstatic jubilation in all manor as this is/would be of the greatest significance for not just humans but for all life that we are aware! The greatest(probably some discoveries/understanding to occur) positive event to have happened to life. Would mark the hastened end to “natural” mortality. I know we are not absolutely certain but the evidence is definitely growing. Literally time will tell, but…

    There should be jubilation the world over if(as starting to appear) this is the end of degenerative mortality. Could there be any better issue to spend resources toward developing and providing this remediation????!!!!!! The prevention of loss and the gain is just phenomenal!!

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