ZEITGEIST – Man in the High Castle

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For those who have the stomach to follow the Epstein news and the rabbit holes they lead to, I have three things to say:

shared secrets,


mixed allegiances,


and moral dilemmas.


Watch The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime if you want to understand more fully how deeply compromised we all can become.

Shared secrets bind us and keep us quiet. Mixed allegiances keep us uncertain what to do until the concrete threat is transmitted and the minimax kicks in at the crossroads.

And moral dilemmas are where we commit to the stories of our lives. I doubt that many of the players who will be exposed believe in God or Satan; they were just caught in the game…

And I have worse news for you: we are all sharing secrets, all have mixed allegiances, and we can all be “gotten to” by temptations mixed with threats of tragedy befalling our loved ones.

There may be no absolute standards for good and evil but the game is definitely afoot. We live in interesting times.

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      Hi Robbie, you may be right insofar as intentions of increasing peace and freedom align with good and intentions of decreasing them roughly correlate with evil. As a student of anthopology, they taught us there were universal taboos but upon closer examination, this is not correct. I refer you to the topic of a future blog reference Herodotus. In that time, some Persians considered the best way to honor the beloved was to physically incorporate them by ingestion; the Greeks favored burning of the corpses.

      “One might recall, for example, an anecdote of Darius. When he was king of Persia, he summoned the Greeks who happened to be present at his court, and asked them what they would take to eat the dead bodies of their fathers. They replied that they would not do it for any money in the world. Later, in the presence of the Greeks, and through an interpreter, so that they could understand what was said, he asked some Indians of the tribe called Callatiae, who do in fact eat their parents’ dead bodies, what they would take to burn them. They uttered a cry of horror and forbade him to mention such a dreadful thing. One can see by this what custom can do.note”

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