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ed_thumbnail Dr. Ed Park, MD, MPH is a telomere and telomerase expert and founder of Recharge Biomedical.  He provides  concierge care for his clients.

TA-65_bottles_thumbnail TA-65®, discovered in 2001 by scientists at Geron Corp, is a proprietary molecule purified from the astragalus botanical root that causes Telomerase Activation (TA).
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TTB Cover 3Db_140pxTelomere Timebombs showcases a paradigm-shifting way to think about aging and health.  Dr. Park’s entertaining and insightful book introduces readers to his revolutionary “Grand Unified Theory of Aging and Disease“.

Concierge Medicine with Dr. Park
For a small fee, you can have personalized concierge MD care with Dr. Park, the most experienced Telomerase Activation Medicine expert on the planet.  Dr. Park will individualize your care and your dosing to maximize your benefits.  Even if you don’t purchase TA-65 from us, Dr. Park can help you maximize absorption and the benefits of your investment. More Info | Order Here

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