114-years young – what’s her secret?

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Laughter is truly the best medicine. See 112-yo Soledad Mexia joke around with her family. She was an amazing lady who interestingly grew black hair after taking a telomerase activator for only a few months- and it remained for two years until her death.

This proves that it is never too late to rescue some stem cells!

Watch this 18-minute video to enjoy the legacy of this amazing woman.

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Ed Park, MD

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  1. Your article says she took “a telomerase activator” . Which telomerase activator? You also say she grew black hair. Can you qualify that a bit. Was the black hair on her head? In the video the hair on her head looks snow white. Not trying to controversial, just wanted a few more facts. Thanks.

  2. What a wonderful lady and story. She spanned 3 centuries!
    Anyhow, the comment about black hair – I kept waiting to see a before and after photo in the video but never did. Hard to believe the story without some visual proof. Can you add some photos to this post?

    1. Brilliant, Lori! You’ve given me something eneirtly new to think about when I go out walking. I’m not just exercising, I’m beefing up my telomeres and lengthening my chromosomes. OK, OK, I know you can’t really lengthen your chromosomes, but my chromosomes and I are in on the joke and we like to think of it that way.Such a fun post! I love it when you get all science-y. (Is that a word?) You actually do it in a way that’s interesting to read and not at all boring. -xoPatty Why Not Start Now?b4s last [type] ..

  3. Lori,This was fun to read! And it reminds me of sotimheng that was brought up and discussed by a retired doctor who visit our office twice a month (just to see how everyone is doing). He once put on a talk about metabolic effect and how exercise and proper nutrition help us to age as we should. As in when we reach that end it comes quickly and we’re not slowly dying it happens as it naturally should (i.e. less time in nursing homes, hospitals, etc). Anyway great stuff Lori!! I think I’ll keep exercising .Lanceb4s last [type] ..

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