76-years young and getting younger (his ERA and DNA prove it!)

Ed Park, MD #ScienceSunday, adaptogen, TA-65 2 Comments

For #ScienceSunday, I am posting this video of a brief interview that I did with Karl, our wonderful patient who was featured in a few of our previous videos about hypertension and sports injuries.

In it, we discuss the measurements of his telomere lengths.  In videos to follow this one, I will discuss other interesting cases of even more dramatic changes.

Thank you to Karl for sharing his experiences with us.  Hope you all enjoy watching it.


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  1. As you know Dr. Park, I am a great fan of yours, but I have a question that has been bothering me, that I have not heard you address yet. What about Fukushima ? If you have addressed this in a podcast or else where please direct me. Is there anything besides KI we can do to prepare for this? Please help us.

    Thank you, unclejohnforever

  2. Maybe if the Dodgers draft Karl they will have a chance against the Giants next year 🙂 Think of what is would do for their gate, $$$, having a 76 year old on the mound ! TA-65, if you build it they will come 🙂

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