92-yo man keeps ordering TA-65 for the hair and dreams

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This week, I was speaking with my 92-yo patient, Edward L, who kept on telling me he didn’t fell anything different after three years of using a telomerase activator. Of course, you might expect he would feel worse after three years of placebo, but that’s another issue…

So I asked him why he continued using it, and he replied, “it’s the best thing out there”.

When we probed a little deeper, it seems that a lot of his blonde hair was coming back (people love that) and that he started lucid dreaming again. For many years, he didn’t really remember his dreams but this week, he had a dream of three streets, filled with at least 100,000 people in each, and during the dream,he felt a keen awareness that this was a dream.

I believe the hair thing is not uncommon for long-term users of telomerase activators but the more important thing is that the neurogenesis and neuroplasticity of dreaming represents a real triumph in the battle against neurological senescence.

For more info about hair, see this podcast:


For information about dreaming, see this podcast:


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  1. Dr. Parks,

    Great post! In a nutshell (and in layman’s terms, if possible) what is your take on why telomerase activators increase dream recall. It seems to be universal. Ditto for the hair growth. Thanks.

    1. Post

      Cell function is enhanced with endocannabinoid activation. Also, neurogenesis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus is DNA replication rate dependent so the procedural memory formation is more efficient. Finally, the replication of stem-like hair follicle cells is similarly enhaced by the the same two processes. In laymans terms: cells act happy and they copy faster

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