Anecdotal evidence of rejuvenation in three patients

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I had a funny speaker phone call today in the car (whilst my 13-yo son was riding with me) from a patient who was happy that her hair (not on her head) had turned from grey to red. She was convinced that this change occurred three months after taking RECHARGE, which is an astute observation because many changes do require the existing daughters of apoptotic stem cells to burn out through their Hayflick Limits.

Two other anecdotes this week were interesting.  “Satoshi”, the man whose telomere lengths improved phenomenally from before and after taking TA-65.  His median telomere length went from 4,239 to 13,600 base pairs and his critically-shortened telomere percentage  (or less than 3,000 base pairs) went from from 42% to 0.25%.

But he was most amazed that in in the last four years he has grown nearly two inches according to his own custom-tailored inseam.


The third anecdote was from Hannes, who as an elite 62-yo athlete, continues to see amazing improvements with a negative arterial pressure after 5 years taking TA-65.  As a result of his exercise, he has improved the resistance his heart pumps against from +3mmHg (already awesome) to -2mmHg (a vacuum due to his efficient arteries). His oxygen reserve and cardiac efficiency improved from 179% to a whopping 229%.


To learn more about how telomerase activation improves arterial strength, read this blog.



For those of you waiting for the FDA or a scientific researcher affiliated with Big Pharma or a University to prove that these anecdotes are linked to telomerase activation, you will have to wait a lifetime- yours that is.

It won’t happen because they can’t monetize something to make you healthier and that can’t be owned because it’s derived from nature.

Just pray that you will still be disbelieving the anecdotes of Satoshi, Hannes, and so many other of my patients many years from now when you wonder “what ever happened to telomerase activation and how come no one ever proved that it worked?”

You know what else is an anectode? Everything. Every person, event, and quark has its own destiny and you can find patterns and devise theories all you want. I only know that many patients continue to improve and that is not what we we normally expect with aging.

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  1. Hey doc, do you still hold webinars? I’ve watched a few of your videos on youtube and though I heard you mention them… anyway, if you do, how can I attend? Thank you…

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