You are invited to participate in my Facebook Live Streams!

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I hope that if you can join me and my special guests for the next couple of months, as we are going to take just 15 minutes a week to create live happenings that I’m sure you will enjoy.

84 yo Vincent’s blood vessels are improving

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Last week, I was pleased to see my patient of six and a half years, Vincent, who has been taking 4 TA-65 capsules nightly since the age of 77. He doesn’t use his cardiovascular system as much as 78-yo Doug (who runs up and down mountains), but he has had a remarkable improvement in his pulse pressure, arterial resistance, and …

Everything I wanted to know about sex (and wasn’t afraid to ask!) – An Interview with Dr. Jen Landa

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Watch this video – it is a hoot! I had the pleasure of interviewing internationally-known medical doctor and authority in sexual desire, Dr. Jen Landa at the 2013 A4M conference. Totally unprepared for my “tough” questions, she fielded them with humor, wisdom and aplomb.  What exactly is aplomb?  Watch Dr. Jen in the hot seat as she turns the tables …