Look forward to going back! (or the more things change, the LESS they stay the same)

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at 47 years of age, my new Vespa is much cooler than the old one and now I appreciate it more. Likewise, 75-yo Karl was voted MVP for pitching two winning games and hitting .597 at the Cincinnati Reds’ Fantasy Baseball camp appreciates his performance more.

Dada, Dodo or Didi? (or are we “Waiting for GoDead?”)

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Our conversation reminded me of the Samuel Beckett’s absurdist play, “Waiting for Godot”. And in a strange bit of synchronicity, it helped me find a quote from one of my old webinars that I had forgotten. This author of this Shmoop.com article points out that my role in our Godot-like conversation was that of Vladimir, who like me, is obsessed with the Tree of Life:

What is the hidden message in the movie “Cocoon”?

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For some odd reason, I meet a lot of people these days who claim to have had near-death experiences that have transformed their consciousness. Once they feel you aren’t going to laugh at them, their stories are remarkably similar and the convergence of myth, spirituality, and what is normally considered “pseudo-science” is intriguing. You may say that “like attracts like” but unfortunately, I have never seen aliens or had a near-death experience, I don’t believe in religious dogmas, and I don’t have any proof that life force, consciousness, or extraterrestrials exist.

That said, let’s explore the common themes that Hollywood movies, mythology and religion, and these New Age first-hand voyagers that I meet all share:

Mastroianna, Monicelli, Sophia Loren, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, & Hypatia

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When you think about Marcello and Sophia, you don’t think about suicide or counting the seconds – you think about sex, and passion, and the absurd joy of living